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The philosophy of my practice is to make expert level services affordable for collisions of almost any severity. Most cases, regardless of  magnitude, have the issues of similar complexity.  Everyone deserves to know the truth.

Making Reconstruction Affordable

This flat fee includes a review of all the case materials and basic calculations. You’ll gain a quick understanding of the critical issues of your case so you can decide whether or not a full reconstruction is warranted before making a significant financial investment. This fee includes a discussion of the preliminary analysis and answering any of your questions.

Initial Consultation - $500

General field investigative work, analysis and reports after the initial review is complete.

Analysis/Field Work - $195

Depositions or court testimony.

Testimony - $295

Time required for travel. There is no additional charge for mileage.

Travel - $195

Hourly Rates

Field survey recording roadway geometry in 3 dimensions using a Total Station (qualified assistance, if necessary, $75/hr).  Site photography. Office production of the forensic map and 3 dimensional model suitable for animation from collected data.

Forensic Mapping - $195

Crush profile measurement, damage photography, interior vehicle inspection, tire examination and inspection.

Vehicle Inspection and Documentation - $195

Collision simulations or animations displaying driver point of view, overhead, etc,.based on the results of the initial collision model.

3D Simulations- $195

Obtaining measurements from photographs taken at the scene or by others

Photogrammetry - $195

Invoices will be prepared and sent at the end of every month.  Terms of the invoices are 30 days net.  


Retainer - $1000

For work beyond the initial consultation, a retainer of $1000 will be required which secures my services.  Once the retainer has been received, work will begin. This retainer will be applied towards the hourly billing on your case.  Any amount which exceeds the retainer will be billed on a monthly basis.