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With just a police report, statements and damage photos, you can find out more about a collision than you ever thought was possible.  See how the Monte Carlo method used by research scientists for decades can help you find the answers critical to a successful outcome.  more..

Maximize the value of your evidence

Liability is rarely an issue when a driver proceeding with the right of way collides with a left turning vehicle. But what happens when that driver admits to traveling 40 mph in a 35 mph zone?  Does 5 mph really make a difference?  You might be surprised by the answer. more...

Does 5 mph make a difference?

A driver stopped for a red light starts to proceed after the light turns green but hits a vehicle crossing the intersection who claims to have entered on a yellow light.  There were no witnesses, but the law requires any vehicle facing a green light to yield the right of way to any vehicle lawfully within the intersection before proceeding.  Did the vehicle enter the intersection lawfully or not?  more...

Red light or yellow light?

Mysterious death leaves St. Louis police at odds with victim's family

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Pedestrians often proceed with the belief that since they can see the approaching vehicle, the approaching vehicle can see them.  Often times, there isn’t much physical evidence left behind when a pedestrian is struck and when there is, it isn’t always well documented.  See how the Monte Carlo modeling methods can provide you answers when a pedestrian is struck on a poorly lit roadway.   More…

Pedestrian collisions at night

We look at all the evidence, not just the evidence that supports your case. You won’t always get the answer you want but you will get the answer you need.  The more information you have, the better decisions you can make.

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